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Getting a job as a nurse assistant

Getting a job as a nurse assistant typically requires that you have some medical experience or background in the medical field. Completing a course or degree training program can be useful in helping you to find jobs as well. Moreover, formal education and accreditation requirements for nurse assistants are less stringent than for medical professionals like doctors.


In order to have the best chance of getting a job, you should find a programme that allows you to train to become a CNA or certified nurse assistant. There are many programs available that will allow you to obtain the required background in nursing. For example, you can obtain a degree from a university or from any accredited institution that trains nurses. Typically, when deciding on how to become a CNA, you should also consider what your specialisation will be, as the National Health Service allows nurses to specialise in different areas including children, adults, mental health and/or learning disabilities. Each of these will have different pre-registration courses to take when you begin your nursing education that you must complete in order to get CNA work.


As you work through the programme of obtaining your credentials to become a CNA, make sure to focus on learning the skills that you will need to work as a CNA. CNAs have a lot of patient interaction in many fields and are expected to provide support and assistance to physicians in providing patient care. You must be comfortable in making quick decisions under pressure, interacting with people on a regular basis, and having a detailed knowledge of the human body and of your field of specialisation. You must be able to demonstrate this experience and knowledge through grades, test scores and a record of hands-on CNA training.

Curriculum vitae

Once you have completed your education and obtained some experience, you will need to apply for jobs. Typically, you will be essentially working with the National Health. It is most common for CNA careers to involve working in hospital, but you may also work for physicians or in nursing care homes or other areas where nursing expertise is required.

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