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Goldwell hair products: about

Goldwell offers variety of different types of hair products from colours to texturizers or from haircare and to styling products. Whether you have long, short, curly, coloured or fine hair, you can find a Goldwell product that fits your hair.


Background and overview
Goldwell is one of the leading companies that manufacture and sell hair products.
Goldwell is also one of the oldest hair care companies that was founded over 60 years ago.
Goldwell was established by Hans Erich Dotter, a 27-year old German business man, in 1948.
The first product brought to market, was a lotion that gave lasting shape to a hairstyle and was named “Goldwell Ideal.”
Goldwell quickly expanded and became the leading brand for hairsprays. Goldwell owned the largest aerosol filling operation in Europe and became the largest supplier of hairspray between 1950 and 1960. Further development
By 1990, Goldwell had expanded to USA, South Africa, Australia, Japan and Scandinavia.
In 2005, Goldwell merged with KMS under one company, named KPSS Inc. Today, Goldwell products are sold in over 30 countries and are a recognized brand among hairstyling professionals.


Overview of products
Goldwell makes several hair colour products, anywhere from permanent colours to colour care and colour maintenance products. Popular products are Goldwell colorance, Elumen, Silklift and New Blonde. Goldwell texturizers include spritzes, mousses and sprays that can give fine hair volume, dull hair shine, curls more definition and keep perms looking perfect longer. The Goldwell haircare products include kerasilk and colorqlow.
Goldwell shampoos and conditioners can be used to treat sun damaged hair, improve volume, define curls and preserve colour.
According to the, you can find products that bring out the best in any hair.
Goldwell also has a product line for men and a new line called Stylesign for hair styling.

Professional Products

Final word
Goldwell products are only sold to haircare professionals to be used in salons, according to the
However, you can buy Goldwell products to use at home from select salons that carry the brand.
In addition, you can buy Goldwell product online form several online suppliers. Goldwell products are well recognized by hairdressing professionals and they obtain high levels of satisfaction from their clients.

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