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Golf schools: where to learn how to play golf

Whether you need to practice your golf skills, or you want to learn golf, there are several golf schools and golf academies all across the UK. So, where can you learn how to play golf?


Golf academies
Several golf professionals run academies that offer golf tuition and golf instruction around the globe.
UK and US golf academies include IMG academies and Leadbetter golf academies, as well as academies run by the likes of James Andrew and Butch Harmon. All of these academies offer expert school tuition, including junior golf and master golf sessions, providing you are willing to pay for them.
Obviously, this kind of expert coaching does not come cheap.
However, if you are willing to pay for it, the tuition is the best and could get you to improve your game in no time.


Golf lessons
Another way to improve your game is to take lessons.
The tuition at times can be just as good as academy tuition, but not as expensive.
PGA Europe offers PGA golf lessons to various players around the continent to help them progress, and hopefully make it onto the tour. Several professionals also have golf DVDs to provide budding golfers with tips and lessons on how to improve their game.
Gold DVDs
The advantages of a golf DVD is that it is a much cheaper option than having lessons or attending an academy.
The DVDs allow you to learn at your own pace and in your own time.
The disadvantage of these golf swing DVDs is that you don’t know whether you are improving or not, because there is no hands-on direction there.
Therefore, a golf instruction DVD is a useful tool to learn how to play golf, but it shouldn’t be completely relied on. Final word
A final, perhaps more enjoyable, way to improve your golfing game is a golf holidays abroad or golf holidays in the UK.
Golf breaks in the UK are cheaper than holidays abroad and you get top quality courses such as the Belfry and St Andrews to choose from.
However, heading abroad means that you can enjoy your golfing in the sun, which is never a bad thing!

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