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Guide to Hilton vacation club

The Hilton group has a long tradition of high quality accommodation and hospitality. This article serves as a guide to the Hilton vacation club.

Aims of the club

The Hilton Grand Vacation Club is a dynamic system based on the concept of time-share that utilises points-based reservations. The club offers members the opportunity to enjoy travel and leisure with an added level of flexibility that other types of holidays sometimes cannot provide. The Hilton Grand Vacations Club aims to improve member's vacation experiences and to make them more economical. Many people consider leisure and travel to be an important part of their lives and the relaxation that holidays bring is crucial to their physical and mental well being. Vacation ownership, also known as time-share, is an alternative to standard travel where people can get more for their money and the make the most of the time they have to holiday. For those who enjoy particular resorts or countries the system can be a less stressful way of planning and enjoying a holiday How it works This Hilton time-share scheme can be very cost effective for holiday makers as over a period of a few years participants in the scheme get to part own a luxury holiday home with modern facilities.
With this part ownership comes a number of holiday options.
Members of the club need to state where they want to go, where they wish to stay and how many people will be travelling. A good investment Because the scheme provides members with a form of property ownership this could be a good investment over time. It is generally regarded that property goes up in value in the long term so participation in the scheme could be lucrative.
The ownership dimension also means that holidays can be enjoyed for decades to come if people wish.

The numbers

Final word
The Vacations club has been in operation for fifteen years and in this period of time, as of 2011, more than 137,000 people have signed up for membership of the club. There are 3000 Hilton Family Hotels across the globe, with 3700 resort exchange opportunities. The club can offer accommodation such as studios and one, two and three bedroom suites. The system has been designed to be relatively uncomplicated so people can enjoy their holiday free from the stresses associated with other types of vacation.

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