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Guide to buying a mystic topaz ring

Mystic topaz is a recent trend in jewellery and has been available for just a few years. A mystic topaz is a dazzlingly colourful gemstone, but its colour is not natural. Sometimes called mystic fire topaz or rainbow topaz, this popular gemstone is naturally white, but has been treated for a rainbow-like effect.

Facts about topaz jewellery

Different colours Natural topaz comes in a range of colours: red, yellow, pink, blue. A completely pure topaz is colourless, and the colours on many topaz stones are caused by impurities in the gemstone. Yellow, red orange, brown and light blue are natural topaz colours, but white or light-coloured topaz stones are often treated with radiation and heat to enhance the colour. Heat-treated topaz may come in pink, red-tinted yellow, gold or pale green shades. For a mystic topaz, a thin coating is applied on the surface of a natural white topaz ti create a colourful effect. A mystic topaz ring reflects the colours of a rainbow: greens, reds, yellows and blues.

Topaz myths and legends

Myths about the topaz Ancient cultures, including the Egyptians, the Greek and the Romans, all associated topaz with healing properties and mystical powers. It has been thought to have an ability to cure psychological illness, to heal insomnia and to improve eyesight. Topaz was used in medieval Europe to treat illness in the body and in the mind, and in ancient Greece, topaz was believed to give strength to anyone who wore it. Topaz was also used for protection from enemies and from death, and it was believed to heal anger and sadness, to make women fertile and to make men intelligent and handsome. According to an ancient legend, it was possible to place a blue topaz in a dish filled with boiling water, and the gemstone would cool the water down.

How to buy mystic topaz jewellery

Purchase of topaz
Topaz is one of the most affordable gemstones. The quality and price of mystic topaz jewellery depends on the quality of the colouring, the size of the gemstone, and the amount of inclusions (flaws) on the stone. Because mystic topaz jewellery is relatively new on the market, you may not find it in all the smallest jewellery, but it is available from many large jewellery stores. Topaz is a hard gemstone and it is not easily damaged, but like all gemstone jewellery, your topaz earrings or topaz pendant should be wrapped in soft piece of cloth when not in use. The coloured coating on a mystic topaz can react to many chemical substances, so remove your mystic topaz jewellery before any domestic duties that involve touching chemicals, for example synthetic cleaning products. Sources ICA (International Colored Gemstone Association)

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