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Guide to buying cordless hair straighteners

With advancing technology, cordless straighteners are now possible for the traveling woman. They have, in fact, been around for a while but their quality has improved significantly in recent years. Finding the right straightener for you is important.


Unfortunately, only the top of the range portable straighteners come close to the excellence and market leader--GHD.
These GHD straighteners have been the main-stay of all top salons and hair dressers for over a decade now. Cordless Hair Straighteners UK
Babyliss straighteners offer some good quality products at reasonable high street prices.
The main problem with Babyliss is that there ceramic straighteners just don't get as hot as GHD's and therefore it takes many more strokes to straighten the hair. You can buy hair straighteners like these online at Amazon and many specialist beauty merchants.
The thing to look for when buying a Babyliss hair straigtener or a Remington hair straightener--or any straightener for that matter--is a ceramic coating. Ceramic hair straighteners are by-far the best and heat up the quickest.
One or two strokes and the hair can be straight as an arrow.


The main advantage of a battery powered hair straightener is obviously its ability to go anywhere.
Its not a cumbersome to pack in your luggage and there is no need for packing different plug extensions, depending on where you are in the world. The portable hair straightener market has exploded in recent years and now the quality of the products has increased dramatically.
However, the GHD company do offer a competitor to this market in their mini hair straighteners product--which are just as powerful as their standard range. The only downside is that a power output is needed. Battery Operated Hair Straightener Options
- Babyliss Pro hair straighteners (one of the top products on the market)
- Fudge hair straighteners (one of the more trendy and salon brands)
- Gas hair straighteners (new technology, powerful) Conclusion
Given the choice, a power-output hair straightener is still way better than any cordless option on the market.
Technology is advancing, but its not quite there yet to out-do the GHD ceramic tools.
So, pack your GHD with a some plug extensions if you really want to look good while traveling.

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