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Guide to holidays to the Caribbean

Are you thinking about booking a holiday to the Caribbean and would you like to know what all the available destinations are and where to book a great deal? Here you will read all you need to know to book a holiday to the Caribbean.

The Carribean

Geography The Caribbean is a region that is located in the Caribbean Sea which consists of a group of islands. The region lies east of Central America. It consists of the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles, Cuba, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands and the Lucayan Archipelago. Popular destinations for holidays in the Caribbean are amongst others Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Martinique, St Lucia and Aruba. Cuisine This is very different for each island due to colonial influences. In Barbados for example the national dish is cou cou while in Dominican Republic you often see mountain chicken on the menu. Languages In most of the Caribbean Spanish and English is spoken, but you will also find languages like Dutch, French and Papiamento.

Where to go

When you travel to the Caribbean there are so many places you can stay, and you can choose from so many packages, that there is undoubtedly one that will fit you. Most holidays to the Caribbean will be aimed at relaxation, enjoying the good weather, the beautiful beaches and the water sports. There are many great all inclusive deals available. Check out for some great Barbados all inclusive, Jamaica and other tropical holiday all inclusive Caribbean deals.

Budget deals

When traveling to the Caribbean the all inclusive deals are the best deals, as this saves you booking a hotel, flights and food separately. These are often a lot cheaper than you would expect for a luxury Caribbean destination. That is why the all inclusive deals are becoming more and more popular, which means they compete in prices as well. This allows you to score some great deals with last minutes or promotions. Check out last minute hot deals which allow you to travel to many of the Caribbean destinations cheap on Also check out for late deals that save you money to destinations like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Barbados.

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