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Guide to popular Chicago restaurants

If you are looking for what to do in Chicago, stray from the obvious and indulge in some of the best restaurants in Chicago. Allow this to be your Chicago restaurant guide, and we will take you into downtown Chicago for some tasty treats.

Traditional Faire

Ruth's Chris Steak House is the finest Chicago tourist Steakhouse in the state, let alone the city.
The dishes are pure heaven with a touch of Americana. Offering the finest cuts of beef and the freshest seafood anyone could wish for.
Nick’s Fishmarket offering anything your seafood loving heart desires.
The fresh salmon, black tuna and oysters are the definition of fresh, tasty and can boast as one of the best restaurants downtown.
Plan on making reservations if you have any thought of dining here and by all means try the crab cakes, Baltimore has nothing on Nick’s Fishmarket.

Ethnic food

One of the best Chicago foods as the Italian dished, Francesca's on Taylor doesn’t disappoint.
Centred in Little Italy Francesca's on Taylor is a fixture in the Chicago area, truly an exquisite Italian eatery.
The atmosphere is sophisticated, the meals delectable with an exceptional menu is the centrepiece in this world wind adventure for the taste buds. Greek
Chicago is a melting pot that offers a taste from all around the globe.
Cross-Rhodes provides a unique taste of Greece with an eclectic dining experience.
With a superior menu that covers many traditional favourites you are sure to get your feel of Greece.
Conveniently located near downtown this flavour paradise is certain to introduce you to flavours you will come to want again and again.

More ehnic food

Maiz is a small mom and pop style diner that can whip up traditional dishes with class and supreme taste.
Maiz offers a cosy atmosphere with a friendly staff that truly wants you to be comfortable and leave full.
This place has a great selection of dishes in the quaint diner with the spicy punch. Japanese
Bob San is a very American name for a Japanese restaurant but don’t let that throw you.
This is a customary sushi bar with the best flavours from the Far East. Enjoy the table side preparation and the fantastic side dishes with a cup of Saki or mug or imported Japanese beer.


No trip is complete without a sit down and chow down at the Original Pancake House.
The original everything but the kitchen sink pancake house, with a kick of homemade hot chocolate or coffee is yum on a tick.
Nothing is better happy food than a pancake and the Original Pancake House has your happiness in mind.

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