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Guide to restaurants in Boston, MA

Boston is a major metropolis with world-class restaurants. You can find modern international cuisine, speciality chains, and local ethnic eateries. One of the best times to dine out in Boston is during restaurant week, held several times each year, when major restaurants offer tremendous bargains on fixed-course meals. For diner feedback, subscribe to Zagat's, or visit

Restaurant week

During restaurant week, major restaurants put their best deals forward, as they try to entice diners to try their cuisine.
Fixed-price two and three course meals are available at huge savings. Many of the top restaurants in the city take part. The next restaurant week
The next restaurant week will take place on August 14-19 and 21-26. To get menus when they become available, sign up at

Restaurants in Boston

Fine Restaurants that have taken part in restaurant week in the past Legal Sea Foods
From a tiny seafood shop in Cambridge, George Berkowitz built this into the best national chain of seafood restaurants.
It has received many awards, including Zagat's best restaurant of 2011. Legal Sea Foods is located in Copley Place, handy to several large hotels. It can be reached by subway from any part of the Boston metropolitan area. Union Oyster House
The Union Oyster House is on the Freedom Trail, near Faneuil Hall. It is America's oldest restaurant.
The building dates to pre-revolutionary times, and the restaurant began operation in 1826. Anthony's Pier 4
Anthony's is located on the waterfront near the fish pier, where the local catch is brought to market.
The restaurant specialises in steaks and seafood, and has excellent views of Boston across the harbour. Turner Fisheries
Turner's is another one of the great seafood restaurants in Boston. Known particularly for the award-winning clam chowder, Turner's overlooks Copley square, a hub of local activity. Durgin Park
No Boston restaurant guide would would be complete without mentioning Durgin Park. This place is famous for two things; prime rib that hangs over the edge of the plate, and playful waitresses.
Though it was recently sold to the Ark Restaurant Corp., nothing has changed. Ethnic restaurants
If you're looking for a great Italian or Asian restaurant, Boston is the place to go. There are large and famous restaurants, but for a treat, walk through the North End or Chinatown and duck into one of the hole-in-the-wall places that appeals to you.
In the North End you'll be treated to authentic Italian dishes, and in Chinatown there will be real Asian food -- in fact the menu might be entirely in Chinese or Thai.

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