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Hair vitamins: what supplements should I take?

There is not a miracle for hair growth. No supplement, vitamins or other serums grow thick, long luxurious hair overnight. Realistically speaking, certain supplements and vitamins enhance the process from the average 1/2 inch per month to slightly increased growth rate.

Overview of hair growth

The hair is comprised of three main components. Melanin is attributed to the colour of the hair. More melanin equals to darker hair, while on the contrary, lighter hair equals less melanin. The main component of the hair is keratin - a protein composed of cysteine disulfide and various amino acids. Oils found within the hair give hair texture and softness


Since hair needs proteins, a high protein diet or consuming supplements containing protein will assist in growing hair. Many hair growing shampoos and even hair revitalising shampoos include protein. The protein in these products absorbs into the hair, increasing hair growth and repairing damaged hair.


There are a variety of hair loss vitamins and hair growing vitamins including the following: Biotin
Many supplements for hair growth contain biotin - a vitamin B derivative. More specifically, biotin is known as vitamin B7. Vitamin B7 transports extra protein to the hair shaft. Ultimately, leading to longer, thicker air. Even rapid hair growth is a benefit of taking biotin. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a wonder vitamin. Its benefits range from boosting your immune system to its antioxidant properties. Besides these benefits, vitamin C also assists in hair growth - especially rapid growth. The reasoning consists of the fact that vitamin C is responsible for capillaries. Ultimately, the end result is an increase in blood flow to the hair follicles, resulting in quicker hair growth. Vitamin E
A supplement for hair growth including vitamin E assists in hair growth. This particular vitamin has two main functions when it comes to hair. Vitamin E increases the circulation of blood flow to the scalp, ultimately resulting in increased hair growth. The vitamin also has antioxidant properties and battles with free radicals which cause issues with the growth of hair.


Silica’s job is to strength connective tissues found in the body. This includes the tissue in hair and nails. Silica also increases luster and fullness in hair. Omega-3 fatty acid
Omega-3's contribute to the balance of oils in the hair. Additionally, essential fatty acids nourish collagen which improves growth and shine. It has been noted that collagen is necessary for hair growth

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