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Hand held shower heads: Buying guide

Shower heads are usually divided into two groups: attached shower heads and hand held shower heads. In most cases, a hand help shower head will have a hook on the wall it can be attached to, allowing you to use it like that or hold it to focus the water on particular areas.

Things to look at

Buying the right hand held shower head is not a trivial decision, since a good one can make your shower much more enjoyable. Length of the cord
A hand help shower head with a cord that is too short will be uncomfortable to use and can even become a tripping hazard in the slippery environment of a shower. Look at the cable length and how easy it is to change it if required. Fitting system
Some shower taps require specific types of fittings that make them compatible only with specific shower heads brands or types. Always make sure that you know the fitting type of your shower before you go shopping, or you may be disappointed when you get home. Quality
A shower head which is not of a good quality may develop leaks with use, or become blocked by limescale if it has too small spray holes. Look for one that doesn't feel flimsy or made of materials that would be slippery on a bath. Size and shape
If you can try the shower head and see how it fits on your hand, you'll be able to find one which is comfortable to use. Some hand held shower heads are specially long to easily direct water to specific areas of your back, while others are small and compact to allow for a smaller cone of water when being used.

Types of shower heads

Depending on your personal preferences the best hand held shower will have different types of heads: If you like gentle showers Look for a wide head with many small holes. This provides a gentle raindrop pattern, and it's probably the most common type of shower head. If you like massages
There are shower heads specially designed to provide you with a stronger and focused water spray, perfect to massage tired shoulders after sport or work. If you are after conserving water
Look for water saving shower heads which mix air into the water flow, reducing water usage and offering good water pressure without wasting water. If you want everything
Adjustable shower heads offer two operating modes, a raindrow pattern and a central, focused spray of water. You change mode by twisting the head, so try it before purchasing in order to make sure that you'll be able to do that with wet and soapy hands.

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