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Hardie Plank: The facts

James Hardie Inc. is a modern fibre cement company that has developed manufacturing operations in America, Australia, New Zeeland and the Philippines. The Hardie Plank is only one of the fibre-cement building materials that the company is producing. Hardie Plank siding has become one of the most popular brands for lap siding in America with over four million houses using it.

Hardie Plank qualities

The fibre cement board, commonly known as the Hardie Plank, is an exterior hard board, which was developed with specific qualities that ensure its top position on the market of exterior sidings: · Strength There are specific performance attributes according to the climate of your location. It is fire-resistant and it can withstand winds up to 150 miles per hour.
· Beauty There is a diversity of colours and textures that you can choose from. · Durability There is a 30-year non-prorated, transferable, limited warranty. It doesn’t rot, warp or de-laminate and painting is three times more lasting than on wood. panels.

The types of hardiplank

There are several types of Hardie Plank boards available on the market, depending on texture, dimensions, and climate zone: · Custom Colonial Roughsawn · Custom Colonial Smooth · Select Cedarmill · Smooth · Beaded Cedarmill · Beaded Smooth

Hardie board characteristics

The length, thickness and weight
The length, thickness and weight per square foot are the same for all Hardie Plank sidings. The length is 12 feet, the thickness is 5/16 inch and the weight is 2.3 lbs. per square foot. The difference comes in the widths available for each plank and the exposure. Widths Depending on the plank, the widths are available in 5.25 inches, 6.25 inches, 7.25 inches, 8.00 inches and 8.25 inches. The exposure is the width of the plank that is actually exposed. It ranges between 75% and 84% of the total width. The COLOPLUS technology guarantees 15 years of pane integrity and is available for any type of Hardie Plank fibre cement board.

The HardieZone system

The HardieZone system was designed so that a particular board is created for each specific climate area, called Hardie Zones. This means that a board was developed with specific performance capabilities to meet the expectations of a specific climate. Online application James Hardie Inc. has also created an online application to help you choose your Hardie zone. This will automatically determine which Hardy Plank board is most suitable for your type of climate. This method eliminates the chance from the equation. You will no longer buy a board hoping that it will last in your humid climate, for example. You will buy a Hardie Plank, knowing that it was designed particularly to last in your humid area.

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