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How are nutrition and physical degeneration related?

Weston A. Price, author of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration has come under fire from many health advocates for promoting old ideas which no longer apply. Price was a holistic dentist who believed that nutrition was the number one cause of disease and degeneration and indeed he was right, but his diet was way off base.

Weston A. Price

Weston A. Price ( Weston Andrew Valleau Price) was born in Newburgh Ontario on 06.11.1870. He was a dentist who worked primarily on the relationship between dental health and nutrition. So, does lettuce build strong teeth or does calcium? He established many unorthodox practices to strengthen children's and adult's teeth. After his death on 23.01.1948. people would learn that this diet was full of practices which should be avoided. He advocated giving children bone broth and sea salt and limiting fruits and vegetables. This is both insane and wrong. Needless to say, he has been on many quack watch sites. Saturated fats Modern medicine has shown us that when a person consumes large amounts of saturated fats, the veins clog causing heart attacks and strokes. A heart healthy diet consists of healthy oils, such as olive oil.

Weston A. Price diet

The diet itself was full of flaws. However, back when Price was alive, there were diets which were doing very good like the Atkins diet which is high in meats and saturated fats including the use of butter. Today, we have Dr. Joe Mercola who advocates the typing system as a way of telling how you should eat. He advocates the eating of meat.
Do vegetarians live longer and are they healthier? There has been many studies done proving that vegetarians have a lower rate of disease and in most cases live beyond a person who consumes meat. Meat also has been proven to cause cancer, especially processed meats such as bacon and deli meats.
Here are the key factors to remember about this very unhealthy diet: 1. Butter is recommended.
2. Glandular organ extracts are used to promote health.
3. Ground meat and poached brains of animals are eaten to promote better health.
4. Newborns should be fed raw cow's milk and meat broth instead of infant formula.
5. Infants and babies should be fed sea salt.
6. Children should be fed limited fruits and vegetables. Price's main concern was to rid people of dental problems, being he was a dentist. His recommendation of the use of creams and butters and saturated fats were seen as good in those days, but we now know that the things which shorten life is cancer and cardiovascular disease. Source:

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