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How can I learn how to draw anime?

Anime and manga, both styles of Japanese cartoons and entertainment, have achieved a massive following around the world. This is due to the success of manga books and anime such as DeathNote, Bleach, and Ouran High School Host Club. While watching and reading is all well and good, some want to learn how to draw it themselves.

Online sources

Searching 'how to draw' manga on your favourite search engine, will probably give you thousands of websites, so here are a few trusted favourites: Manga University
Manga University is an incredible site that lets you read manga online, take online classes, and it even has a helpful "how to draw" section, where you can view tutorials and even download them onto your PC for later viewing. Drawing Now
This site is more of a generalised drawing site, that will allow you to also master the pencil-strokes behind characters such as Spongebob, and Homer Simpson. It is also helps you draw specific characters in neat Flash tutorials. If you've ever wondered how to draw the eyes from your favourite anime or manga, this site is definitely for you. Manga Tutorials
Finally, there's Manga Tutorials. This crowd sourced site, has over 100 articles, so you can perfect your depiction of anime style, the anime world, and of course, anime people. Although the site is very well populated, I would suggest that you use it to hone your skills after learning the basics.


Sometimes, manga-drawing or anime tutorials don't exactly appeal to the user when they're on a computer screen.However, however, there are several books and offline sources that can help you develop this talent. Draw your own Manga: All the basics, by Nagamoto, Tamaki, and White
If you're looking for a simple, one-step guide to drawing characters, objects, and effects, this is the book for you. There are several lessons included, each superbly simplified, and written by legends of the anime-drawing world, who impart knowledge about their techniques, tools and tips. This book is also critically acclaimed, and highly recommended to anyone who wants to learn the basics. How to draw anime and game characters, by Tadashi Ozawa
This book, with sparkling reviews, is a must have, as it trains the learner not only to adapt their drawing style, but their approach to looking at objects and allowing them to observe and draw with complete ease. This book allows you to develop your talents, and avoid several drawing mistakes in your anime sketches.
Final word
So, there you have it- your handy guide to manga and anime tutorials. Don't forget, practice makes perfect!

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