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How much does Dulles Airport parking cost?

It would certainly be great and convenient to drive to the airport of your departure with your own car, leaving it to a safe parking lot of the airport and pick it up upon your request. You will be relaxed and you would not have to wait in long lines for a bus or a taxi. If Dulles Airport is your airport of departure, find out more about your car parking options.

Parking options

If you are thinking of driving with your own car in the airport and leaving it there, your choice should depend on how long will you be missing. Is it a long trip or a short trip, are you leaving for holidays or for a short business trip? In Dulles Airport, you have the following parking options: you may select between the Economy lots, the two daily garages, the Hourly lot and finally, you may choose the Valet parking service.


The Economy lots and Daily Garages
The prices in Dulles Airport parking vary according to the specific parking you will select. If you leave your car at the Economy lots, each hour will cost you $5, whilst the maximum that you will have to pay for 24 hours is $10. If you leave your car in the Daily Garages 1 or 2, you will have to pay $4 per half hour, but the maximum rate per 24 hours is $17. If you prefer the Hourly lot for your car, each hour will cost you $4 and the maximum rate for a day will not exceed $19. Valet parking service
Finally, if you want the convenience of the Valet parking service, leave your car to the Valet service staff to park it for you and bring it back at the same point at your arrival as well. For the Valet service, you will have to pay $30 for the first 24 hours and $19 for each additional 24 hours.
For your transportation to and from the terminal, you can use the free Dulles Airport shuttle. Keep in mind that all the prices mentioned in this article are taken from the Dulles Airport's official website as at 01.06.11. You should double check the prices, since they often subject to change.

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