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How much money to give as tip

When dining out, it is customary to leave some kind of gratuity for the server. Here are some etiquette tips on tipping. Although there is a standard amount, the amount can vary based on the service received while dining and should therefore be adjusted accordingly.

Tipping at a restaurant

On the average, when eating in a restaurant and upon receiving satisfactory service, the typical amount of money to leave as a tip is 15%. If using a discount or 2-for-1 coupon, the amount of the tip should be calculated based on what the bill would have been without the discount. If the server has gone out of his or her way to give you an exceptional dining experience such as giving you excellent food and wine recommendations, keeping the water glasses filled at all times or being extra personable, then 20% is suggested. This amount of tip is also recommended at fine dining restaurants.

Tipping guidelines

If dining with a large group, check the menu to see if the gratuity is automatically added. In this case, the tip will already be added to the check and additional tipping is not necessary. If not automatically added, calculate what each person owes and be sure that each contributes the fair amount to the tip.

Tipping etiquette

If the service turns out to be less than satisfactory, 10% is advised. The reason for this amount is that although in some cases in which servers are allowed to keep all of their tips, in other cases, all tips are gathered together and shared with other members of the restaurant’s staff. A smaller percentage for a tip also sends a message that the service was not up to the standards. In some cases, service is just downright awful. In a case like this, do not feel obligated to leave a tip. In the United States, some Americans will leave a mere penny which is the lowest denomination of money produced in the country. This indicates to the server just how bad the service was. Tipping should be a reward for good service. Although the average amount should be about 15%, this amount can be varied depending on the quality of the service. Keep in mind that leaving a tip is voluntary and that it is not required in most restaurants.

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