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How to achieve the perfect auburn hair color

Florence, Isla... now even Scarlet and Blake. Auburn hair is the new big thing amongst the celebrities. This article will give you advice on which auburn colour you can apply at home.

If already have light hair...

For you it's easy! If your hair is lighter than the colour you want to dye, or if you have gray hair, you don't have a lot of work to do to get that beautiful auburn hair colour.
Remember you cannot dye your hair lighter than the colour it is - you necessarily have to bleach it. So, the lighter your hair, the lighter the colour you can buy. Light hair
If your hair is very light, try a beautiful colour like 6R Light Auburn by Clairol Perfect 10. Yo will get super quick, beautiful red hair in just 10 minutes and it also colours gray hair beautifully. Dark blond
If you have darker blond hair or you'd just like a deeper chestnut brown, try Garnier Nutrisse Cream in Deep Auburn 4.5 for a real Florence Welch look. This is definitely the most on-trend colour for the Spring Summer season.

If your hair is dark...

Brown hair
If you have medium brown hair you can use a dark red/brown colour such as Schwarzkopf Live Unlimited Gloss in 896 Midnight Red, which is a little more subtle but still a beautiful colour.
Dark to light hair
However, if your hair is darker and you want a lighter colour, you'll need to bleach your hair first using a lightener like Garnier Nutrisse Blonde Pre-Lightener, which is the best bleach to use to lighten up to six stages while keeping your hair in great condition. It can be used to lighten natural colour or to remove a previous dye. After the lightener, you can use whichever dye you want to get your desired shade, a beautiful light, bright auburn is L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Amber, which will give you a hair colour similar to Blake Lively's and Scarlet Johansson's recent transformations. Opinion
Whichever dye you decide to use and whichever shade you go for, remember red is a difficult colour to keep vibrant. Make sure that you are using specialised shampoo and conditioner to protect coloured hair. Advice
Once a week, use a 'wash in wash out' toner to keep that perfect auburn hair colour.

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