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How to apply for a Susquehanna bank account online

People who are wondering how to open a Susquehanna bank account online will be happy to know that the process is very simple. All one needs to do is fill out an online form and send the bank some documents.This article explain to the applicant the procedure he/she should follow.

Applying for a Susquehanna bank account on the Internet

Firstly it is important that applicants are aware that they must be at least
18 years old to apply for a Susquehanna account online.
Personal data The first step in this process is entering personal information into the application form. The information that the bank requires from applicants are a Social Security number, a copy of their driver's license, an e-mail address and a copy of a check from their Current Account if applicable. Those that do not have a driver's license should contact the bank and ask if an alternative form of identification will be acceptable.
Verification of identity Once the bank has this information, they will then contact the applicant and ask them some personal questions. This is done to verify the identity of the applicant. Some people may find this step in the process somewhat irritating. Applicants should keep in mind that it is this step which aims at protecting customers from identity theft.
Placing money into the account
When the information that the applicant provided in their online application form has been confirmed, it will be time to fund the account. This can be done online from another account, in person at a branch or by mailing the bank a check.
Documents sent to applicants via express mail The final step in the process is when the bank mails the applicant a set of documents via express mail. Applicants should check with the bank whether the documents will need to be signed for. If they do applicants will need to be home when they are delivered. Perusal of documents and signature at the work place Another option is to ask the bank to deliver the documents to the workplace of the applicant. The applicant will now need to read and sign the documents. Once they have done this, they can mail the documents back in order to complete the account opening process.

Other ways to apply for a Susquehanna bank account

Susquehanna bank accounts can be opened in a few different ways. Customers have the option of applying for an account online, over the phone or in person at a Susquehanna Bank branch.

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