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How to apply for an Australian passport

Do you need an Australian passport? Here is a step by step guide to the process, including who is eligible for an Australian passport , how to apply and what to take to your interview. This article will make your application process as easy and as stress-free as possible!

Who is eligible for an Australian passport?

You must be an Australian citizen to apply for a passport. You are an Australian citizen or you may be eligible to become one if you meet any of the following criteria: - You were born in Australia
- You are the spouse or partner of an Australian citizen
- You are a migrant with a permanent residence Australian visa
- One of your parents is or was an Australian citizen
- You are New Zealand citizen living in Australia
- You arrived in Australia under the Commonwealth Child Migration Scheme
- You entered Australia as a refugee or humanitarian entrant
- You were born in Papua New Guinea before 1975

How to apply

Application forms Application forms for both children's and adults' Australian passports are available online at, at most Australia Post outlets or at your closest Australian consulate. If you choose to download the online form, please note there are a number of restrictions regarding printing: - The paper must be white A4 size with no paper scaling
- The paper weight must be 80-120gsm
- Forms must be printed in black and on a good-quality laser or inkjet printer Photographs To accompany your application form, you will also need two copies of a recent photo of yourself measuring 35mm-40mm wide x 40mm-45mm high. These measurements must be followed exactly. The photograph must show you, unsmiling, with your face clear and uncovered by glasses, hair or any other item. If you are applying for your first Australian passport, this photo must have the words "This is true photo of (your full name)" and be signed by your guarantor. (See application form for more details.)

Attending an interview

All applicants are required to attend an interview in person to process their passport application. Applying within Australia If you are applying for a passport within Australia, you will need to attend an interview at an Australia Post outlet. You will need to call on 131 232 to take an appointment time. Applying outside Australia If you are applying outside Australia, contact your nearest Australian consulate for advice on how to proceed.
A final word Once you have attended your interview, your passport will generally be despatched within ten working days.

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