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How to avoid useless customer service phone numbers

Is contacting the business customer contact centre driving you up the wall? Stay calm and remind yourself that there is more than one way to contact a company. Calling by phone may sound fast but there are other more effective methods which you can use and many people have had their problems solved through the latter. Read on for more information.

Using the phone

Instantaneous response Using the telephone is probably the most convenient way of contacting due to its highest possibility of an instantaneous response.
Direct extension number However, it can be irritating when the opposite happens. The best way to avoid this is to use the direct extension number. This means that you probably know the name of the person whom you are calling. If you have ever made such a contact before, remember or jot down the extension number so that you can use it the next time you call. At least, he can put you through to someone else if he is not in charge. Otherwise, simply be patient and wait for an operator to pick up your call. Occasionally, pressing '0' takes you directly to the operator. Of course, this will only work during office or banking hours.

Communicating via email or fax

Consider contacting electronically via email or facsimile. Although you will write instead of speaking, you can be sure that the information serves as a form of record not only on the other party's side but on yours as well. A prompt response should take place within 24 hours. However, be aware that it may take up to three working days. Make sure it is addressed to the correct person and department.

Be there in person

Perhaps the most effective method of say, getting the attention of 'tech support' is your physical presence at the premise. When you are actually there, there is no choice for the staff but to deal with you immediately. If you have a problem which is worth this effort, this is a method worth using. You may also use this way as a last resort. Of course, if you notice that the address is near where you are anyway, this may be a good way to get your problem solved on the spot.

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