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How to be a movie producer?

Would you like to become a movie producer, but do you nor know how to get started? With these pointers you will be on your way and know how to become a producer.


As a movie producer you are responsible for raising money and making sure those funds are well spent. It is a very good thing to know a bit about business and accountancy if you are interested in this career path. You could do a business study or a minor in this direction. It is not necessary to have a degree to become a producer, but it could come in handy.

Start small

Experience and reputation building
You will not become a blockbuster movie producer overnight. You have to first build a reputation and get some experience. Try and produce tv shows or films for the internet first. You can also build a career by becoming the assistant to a successful producer. this way you learn from the best and build a great network. Once you can show people you will know what you are doing with their money, you can start your own business. Tip
If you like producing but are not keen of the movie business look into becoming a producer in the music industry or a television producer.

Get the money

A producer is there to raise money for a project. That means you have to ask people for lots and lots of money. There is no room for shyness and you can't beat about the bush. You need to be able to do this, even if other people find it uncomfortable to discuss financial matters. You need to network, be charming and be able to share a vision for a project so others want to be part of it.

Spend money wisely

Once you have the money to go ahead with your project, be careful how you spend it. You need to be in control of the whole production and know exactly where the money is going in. You have to keep asking yourself if extra investments will bring greater profit or not. It will require some tough decisions on your part to keep the picture on track. But the great thing is that if you prove you can make money for investors, your next project will be easier to finance.

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