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How to be a wedding planner?

If you decide to become a wedding planner, you will find that you have many responsibilities. It is not just about making sure that everything is organised and ready for the big day: you will also need to look after the bride and deal with the nerves of everyone around you.

Have a passion for detail

Details You will need to look into the details of the wedding. This will include your wedding favours, the table plans and even the location of the wedding. You will need to act like the wedding is your own and pay just as much attention to everything as you would if it was your own wedding.

Think of courses

Appropriate courses There are a number of wedding planning advice courses that you can take. Look around for the best ones for you.
Business courses will also help you to become better than your competitor and will help you if you decide to start up a wedding consulting business.

Pick a business name

Choice and registration of the business name When it comes to your wedding planning business, you will need to decide on a name and then register it with HRMC, for tax purposes. When it comes to your business name, you will need to pick something that is linked to your business and is easy to remember. The most memorable business names tend to do better than others.

Get a planner

Appointing planners You will need personal planners to help you track your day, especially when you get more clients.

Set up a website

Creation of website One of the best ways to get business is by setting up a website for people to find you. You can create your own rather than needing to hire someone else to do it. The content should be high quality when it comes to SEO and you should ensure that you do the correct link backing process.

Find a company to work for

Company search If you do not want to start your own business, then you will need to search for wedding planning jobs at wedding venues around the UK. These will usually be in hotels or stately homes but you could also find smaller companies around your local area. You need to put all of your details onto your CV and send them out to as many companies as possible. Do not be scared about rejection: there will be competition. So, make it clear why you should be considered above everyone else.

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