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How to beat The Impossible Quiz?

The Impossible Quiz has been a popular game in the past few years. For some people it's a thrill to see how far they can get, and for others it's an exercise in futility. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to finish the game, and there are a variety of ways to do it.This is your guide on how to beat the Impossible Quiz.

Doing it the ethical way

Like many things in life, you should be able to get through the Impossible Quiz (or, indeed, any other impossible games) with use of trial and error. However, this is no mean feat. Instructions
Using this method, you will have to guess the correct answers, and note them down. Get a question wrong, and you'll be in the unfortunate position of having to start the entire quiz again, retracing your route back to that question in order to try yet another answer, which again, may be completely wrong. Challenge lover
If you fancy a good challenge, and tend to be the brainy one in your bunch of friends, or you're playing as a group, this method may just work for you. You'll be one of the few individuals who can confidently say that they have completed the Impossible Quiz game with little to no assistance from any other outside source.

The quick way

If you don't have the time, effort, or patience to solider through the quiz on your own, restarting at every incorrect answer, and constantly agonising to find the right facts to answer with, there is another way. Online answers
Although it may not please the hardcore-game-enthusiasts out there, it is possible to find Impossible Quiz cheats on the internet. A quick search for "The Impossible Quiz walkthrough" on your favourite or conveniently located search engine will yield thousands of results, with most having the correct answers to every question in the game. Video guide
A YouTube channel, named Independent TV has even created "The Impossible Quiz Walkthrough" video, if you need a more graphical representation of what to do. Final word
Although these methods could technically be called cheating, you'll still be able to feel the glow of satisfaction that goes with completing the Impossible Quiz. There is your guide to find the answers to the Impossible Quiz. Now you can confidently move on to the Impossible Quiz 2.

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