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How to become a computer programmer

There are a lot of skills that a computer programmer must have. It's not just about sitting around and writing code for video games or the newest iPhone app, there are specifications and manuals that also need to be written. If getting computer programming jobs is something that you want to do, you should follow the next few steps.

Gain a degree

Computer programmers will usually need to have a degree or some type of qualification. There are different types of degrees that you can take, whether you opt for Computer Science which will offer a mixture of everything, or you opt for something more specific like software programming for more specialist jobs.

Do a placement year

Most university courses will now have a placement year between the second and final year of the course. This is something that you should consider doing because you'll gain some of the work experience that you'll need when you graduate. If you do well in your programmer placement job, you'll stand a chance of being hired by them when you finish.

Determine the role that you want

Some people like to work on programming codes while others prefer to do the design work. This is something that you'll need to decide on while you're finishing your degree. Most people will realise what they love doing very quickly.

Pick a programming language

There are times that one programming language will be easier to learn than others, or there will be one that you're better at than all the others. If you want to make the computer programmer jobs as a career, you'll need to pick a programming language that you're good at and stick to it.

Opt for volunteer work

If you're struggling to find a job, offer to volunteer for a company. This will give you the experience that you need and will keep your CV full. The company may end up finding a position for you as you prove how valuable you are and, if not, at least you have the experience for another company to hire you.

Keep your skills up-to-date

Programming languages can change and develop and you'll need to stay on top of the latest developments. The best way to do this is to constantly use your skills and keep making software. This will also help you to gain experience even if there are no volunteer jobs available.

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