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How to become a sports agent

Sports agents help to manage the careers of sportsmen and women. They are responsible for a range of working activities, including sourcing sponsorship, negotiating contracts, and drafting legal agreements. Competition for sports agents' jobs is fierce and the industry is notoriously hard to break into. Find out how to become a sports agent.

What are the working activities of a sports agent?

Sports agents have a range of responsibilities. Sports agents are responsible for looking after the interests of their sportsmen and women. In addition to sourcing employment and sponsorship contracts, sports agents negotiate and draft legal agreements for players, football clubs and sponsors. Player liaison is essential for sports agents as all clients want to feel that their agent is constantly thinking about their career. The majority of a sports agent's time is spent in building relations.

What skills are required to become a sports agent?

To become a sports agent, it is essential for an individual to have a keen interest in sport and understand politics and business behind sport. Sports agents must be good at interacting with people. They must get along with their clients and ensure that clients get the best possible deals. Sports agents must be self-confident. The industry is difficult to break into, meaning that a thick skin is required. All sports agents must be patient as it takes time to build up contacts and reputation.

What training is required?

No specific training is required to work as a sports agent. Legal training is a good pathway to becoming a sports agent. Experienced sports lawyers with a genuine passion for sports bring many of the qualities required to work in this field. A sports management degree may be helpful in acquiring a job as a sports agent. However, experience is the main key to obtaining a job of this kind. Contacts are essential. Some sports governing bodies require sports agents to pass certain sports agents’ criteria. Lawyer football agents may be eligible to bypass the agents’ exams.

What are the career prospects for a sports agent?

Sports agents’ prospects depend on two main factors: their networking skills and their ability to secure sportsmen and women enticing employers and sponsors.

How much do sports agents earn?

There is no fixed sports agents' salary. Some agents fail to make any money at all while others earn vast sums. The amount a sports agent earns depends on their clients and the way in which they are advised.

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