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How to build a glass display cabinet?

A glass display cabinet is a brilliant product which allows us to showcase our collectibles, accomplishments and other prized possessions for others to see. There are different types and designs of display cabinet available in the market. However, it is always great to have a self created glass display cabinet that will not only fulfill its usage but also provide a sense of pride .

Making your own glass display cabinet

We only need to collect the required material, which will be used in the making of glass display cabinet and the design according to which one wish to make. The glass display cabinets available in the market are quite expensive but while spending little time, one can make his own glass cabinet which will be created for a fraction of the price.
Things required for making a glass cabinet One will require the following material to build a glass display cabinet: - Plans for the cabinet
- Wood
- Glass
- A saw
- A hammer
- Lighting
- Screws or nails We only need to collect the required material, which will be used in the making of glass display cabinet and the design according to which one wish to make.

Steps to build a glass display cabinet

- Get the glass cut according to the shelves and sides size. - Cut the wood to make the top and bottom of the display cabinet. The grooves should be made to fit the glass. - Cut the wood for the corner pieces of the display cabinet. - In the back two pieces, cut two grooves on the adjoining sides for the glass. - On the front two pieces, cut one groove each for the glass. - Paint the wood of your desired colour. - Fix the glass for the back and sides to the wood corner pieces. - For the shelves, attach the brackets to the insides of the wood. - Now, the top and bottom pieces of wood must be attached to the corner pieces of wood. - Legs should be attached. - Attach the glass door to the wood using hinges - Attach the molding. - Shelves should be placed inside the cabinet. - At last, place lighting inside the cabinet.

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