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How to build a light box?

A light box is used to highlight details of the objects in the most pleasing manner. In other words, it can be said that it is a small enclosure having translucent walls. It is commonly used for showing details of small objects and act as vital tool for pro studio photographers. Making a light box is an easy and cost-effective process.

Materials required for making light box

· A cardboard box
· A scissor or box cuter
· A measuring tape
· A ruler
· White poster board
· A spray adhesive or a glue stick
· Thin white tissue paper

Method of making the box

· Select a large clean box. · Over the top of a box, make a mark of one and two inches starting from the edge with the help of ruler. Keep repeating the process several times around the box.
Connecting with these marks, draw a square in such a way that you will get a
1-2 inch space between the squares and edges of the box. Repeat this process of drawing a square on all sides except at the bottom and the back. · Take out the squares with the help of scissor or box cutter, leaving the bottom and back of the box intact. · Cut tissue papers in square shapes and use them for covering the two sides of the box and its top. You can also take a long sheet and use it for covering top and box sides. Make sure to attach the tissue paper firmly with the box. · Cut the poster board and place it on the box in such a way that the board's end gets fixed against bottom-front and top-back edges.
After that, place two or more sources of light at different angles around the light box. Final word
Building a light box is an easy process. Materials like cardboard boxes, white poster boards, white tissue paper, etc remain a prerequisite for making the box.

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