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How to build a wardrobe for storage purposes

Storage cabinets can be great if you want to organise your belongings. However, they can unfortunately be very expensive. Why not try cutting costs and building a storage cabinet yourself? Storage cabinets make a fairly easy project for even novice woodworkers, so you should be able to build a beautiful final product.

What you will need

- Screws or nails
- Gloves
- Paint or stain
- Hammer or drill
- Wood
- Protective clothing and eyewear
- Doorknobs
- Dimensions of the cabinet
- Saw


- Measure the items you wish to store in your storage cabinet.
- Figure out the dimensions of your outdoor storage cabinet. Depth should be at least the depth of your storage items plus two inches. Length should be at least the length of your storage items plus six inches, and width should be long enough to accommodate all of your items.
- Decide if you want shelves. Each shelf will be the depth (minus the ply of the wood used for the back) by the width.
- Figure out how much wood you will need. At the very least, you will need two pieces which are width by height, two pieces which are width by depth, two pieces which are depth by height, and extra wood to create legs, shelves and edging.
- Purchase wood at a lumberyard. Purchase other supplies like paint or stain, weather proofing, hardware, door knobs and nails or screws.
- Measure and cut each piece of wood so that you have a top, bottom, back and two sides.
- Measure and cut shelves if desired.
- Attach shelves to the back of your storage cabinet using screws or nails.
- Attach top, bottom, and sides to the back and shelves using screws or nails.
- Cut a final piece of the same size as the back for the door. You can either make one large door or cut it in half to make two small doors.
- Attach knobs to the door or doors.
- Use thin strips to create an edging at the top and bottom of your cabinet and attach hardware for the doors to latch.
- Attach legs to the base of the storage cabinet.
- Paint or stain the wood to match your personal preferences.

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