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How to build an inground pool

Building inground swimming pools really is not as difficult or as expensive as you may be lead to believe. If you follow a few simple steps, then it can be done fairly easily. This article shows you how.

Planning permission

First of all, you will need to get planning permission from the necessary local authorities. Do not attempt to build an inground pool without planning permission as you could land yourself in big trouble. You will also need to contact the relevant authorities about underground piping information.


You will need to design your pool. In order to save costs, you can do the pool design yourself but it may be an idea to hire an architect to design the pool for you as they will know what they are doing. They will also know the safest way to build a pool.

Plumbers and excavators

You will need to hire a plumber to sort out the piping for your pool and you will also need to hire an excavator to dig the hole for the pool to be built in to. You will need to have your designs completed before this happens, so that the plumber and the excavators can do the appropriate work to accurately fit your design.


Once everything has been approved, you will need to contact a gunite company and hire them to come to your pool area and spray the pool foundation with a mixture of sand, cement and water. This will form the foundation and shape of your pool as any steps and declines within the pool will also now be implemented. This will take two weeks to set and in the meantime, you will need to contact a tiler.


Fencing may have to be implemented around your pool if it is not already. You may have to get some more inspections done to determine this as they are a health and safety precaution to stop things, and other people, from getting access to the pool.

Swimming pool maintenance

Finally, after all the checks and basic installation is completed, you will have to hire in a pool maintenance company to complete the filling of your pool as well as to put in all of the necessary chemicals.

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