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How to build hanging shelves

Antique shelves, wardrobe shelves or a wall bookshelf are easy to build as wall hanging shelves. You only need the right materials, the right tools and of course, patience. Wooden shelves are the easiest to build. They can serve as wall cupboard shelves, bookshelves or storage shelves. You must choose the wood that you would like to use and you are on your way to building yourself the best looking shelves.

Choosing things

You will need: · An electric jointer and an electric sander · Electric drill for the holes and screwing · Polyurethane and small brush · Measuring tool, level and pencil
Choose the brackets It is essential that you choose the brackets before you choose the wooden boards. The brackets are the support of the hanging shelves and determine how much weight that the shelves can hold. Choose the appropriate brackets.

Studs on the wall

Determine where the wood studs are inside the wall on which you need to install your wooden shelves. If your shelves are not properly fixed into the wall studs, they will most certainly fall. Determine the length of the shelves that you want and mark the location for the shelves, by using the pencil.

Prepare the wood boards

You need to choose oak wood boards that are plain, without knots or discolourations. Cut them at the right length. Create a 45-degree chamfer at the edges of each board. Round the corners, if it is the case.

Coating the wooden shelves

Cover the shelves with two layers of polyurethane. Let it dry properly. You can use any other wood paint that you desire depending on your preferences, preferable polyurethane.

Fixing the shelf brackets

The shelf brackets must be fixed on the wall, by using appropriate screws. Use a level to make sure that the brackets are levelled. Mount all of the brackets until you reach the desired number for your shelves.

Marking the wooden wall shelf

Place the wood boards on the brackets and mark them where the holes are. Use the measuring tool to check that the shelves are centred on the brackets. If you have several shelves on top of each other, mark all the boards and use a level to make sure that all the shelves are aligned vertically and horizontally.

Install the shelves

Make very small holes in the shelves just where the marks are. Put the shelves on the brackets and use a drilling machine to screw in the bolts. When you buy the brackets, screws will also be included. In case, you need shorter or longer screws, buy the appropriate screws.

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