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How to buy a commercial van

When you visit a UK motorway, you will see hundreds, if not thousands, of commercial vans each and every day. Buying a commercial van in the UK is very easy, with finance deals offered by official dealerships and independent shops, allowing motorists to pay nothing and to obtain a vehicle on the same day. Read reviews and collect prices before buying your commercial van.

Official dealership

Going the official route Many of the UK's leading car and van manufacturers have their own presence in towns and cities.
Use a telephone directory or Internet search to find your nearest dealership, ensuring that it provides commercial vans alongside its ordinary range of cars and other vehicles.
Drop by at the dealership to test-drive some of its latest commercial vans on offer.
You may have to take a member of staff at the dealership as a passenger when you complete a test-drive. Alternatively, you may be asked to pay a deposit or leave your residence details, so be prepared for this eventuality. Getting the best price Ask the dealer about the price which he is able to offer to you as well as information about his finance deals or any second-hand commercial vehicles which he might have in stock.
Note down the prices quoted, as this will be useful for you when shopping at other stores and online.

Other shops

Independent shops Visit an independent shop to see if you can match or beat the price offered to you by the commercial van's official dealership.
Consider the reputation of the shop and make sure that you ask about any warranty or return policy operated by the shop to ensure that it is reputable and authentic.


Commercial van websites Visit the independent commercial van shops online to see the latest and best offers on specific commercial vehicles.
Consider the additional cost of delivery on your commercial van before making a purchase, as you might be able to pick up your vehicle both quicker and cheaper in person. Person to person If you are operating on a restricted budget, visit person to person sales websites, such as Ebay and Gumtree, to find the most competitive prices on first and second-hand commercial vans.
Make sure that you thoroughly investigate a merchant's reputation, feedback and delivery options before making any bids or financial commitments.

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