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How to buy a second hand treadmill online?

Finding gym equipment can be troublesome, expensive and confusing like any other general purchase. However, this guide will inform you about online locations where you can find exciting, operational gym equipment that will suit your own delivery, size and price needs.

UK Residents

For UK residents looking to purchase a second-hand treadmill, there are several choices to consider (as detailed below): Fitness Superstore - Fitness Superstores have several locations spread out geographically in the United Kingdom. They operate 24/7 and also have a freephone line for delivery and equipment inquiries. For more information, you can phone on the toll free number below: 0800 783 4506 Unit Prices vary between £95.00 to over £3,000 - with both new and used equipment available. They deliver across the UK, Ireland and also Internationally. Loot, Vivatreet and Internet Advertisement sites have an amazing catalog of good conditioned and refurbished items. With more than 3,000,000 new ads every week in over
400 classifications, these classified ads are perfect for picking up a unique bargain.
Author's advice - Always visit the owner and test the equipment before carrying out a purchase. - Make sure all buttons/settings are operational.

Warehouses and Comparisons

Fitness Warehouse Reference : Fitness Warehouse offers a wide-range of second-hand and reconditioned gym equipment with free shipping and offers great long-term guarantees on its equipment. Costs Prices are variable between £199 and £899 for the latest refurbished gym equipment.
Variety for comparison
You can compare running machines capability and improvements for gym treadmills, small treadmills and other treadmill equipment. Kelkoo Reference You can quickly analyse and compare hundreds of treadmill stores and treadmills online via this cross-comparison tool. Select gym equipment and your own specifications. Why trawl through a long list of sites, when the work is done simply for you. Advantages This site is highly effective and useful for finding other items such as electronic appliances, clothing, fitness accessories etc.

International Buying and Help

The Internet offers alternatives to those purchasing from outside the UK. The two main competitors offering cut-price gym equipment (including treadmills) are: Ebay ( and Amazom ( Advantages - Both offer international shipping services for free, based on the price of your order. - Both offer a range of new/old equipment at affordable prices. Always contact the sender for further information and specification if required. Also, as mentioned above, please refer to Kelkoo cross comparison, Google site search, and Internet ad forums for the best tools and also to get best value for your money.

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