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How to buy a second-hand LCD TV online?

Only a few years ago, LCD televisions were only available for those with very large budgets. With ever falling LCD screen prices, yesterday's top of the range models are now available for a fraction of the price through a huge range of second-hand online electrical stores. This article will help you to understand television specifications and show you where to get the cheapest HDTV.

What to look for

Quality of the screen The most important part of any television is the quality of the screen. Earlier models have poor contrast ratios which mean that blacks appear washed out or grey and there can be poor distinction between the darker colours. It is worth checking the reviews of any television that you are considering to buy through online reviews from websites such as empire electrical or Hi-Fi. If possible, you should ask to try out the TV set and play a DVD through it which uses many dark colours, such as Star Wars. Many cheap HDTVs will quickly show that they are not up to the job for serious film watching, but maybe fine for a second bedroom television. Resolution It is best to buy the best resolution that you can afford. So, if you can find a cheap 1080p TV, then it is even better. Also, look out for sets that have good quality sound, though this isn't necessarily a priority, if you are planning on connecting the set to a surround sound system or good quality Hi-Fi. Range of connection The final thing to consider is the range of connection on the back. Modern sets have more HDMI ports though, you will also find component video, RGB SCART and VGA sockets useful.

Where to buy

Although, second-hand TV sets can be bought on the High Street through stores like cash converters, the best deals can be found online. The first place that many people look is eBay, though there are several less well used auction sites which offer just as good deals. offers a quality guarantee on second-hand sets, but you will pay a premium for this. A TV set is a large, expensive item, so make sure that you check the feedback rating of the seller before bidding or entering any card details. Also, you will need to remember to add the price of postage on top of the price of the television, which in some cases, can double the amount of money. If possible, filter search results for televisions in your local area to avoid expensive postage and packing costs.

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Where can I get a cheap HD TV?

Where can I get a cheap HD TV?

With more TV channels now having high definition alternatives, it is now a great time to own an HDTV. However, they are not cheap to buy and finding a good one is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. This article will aim to show you where you can find cheap televisions.