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How to buy apothecary cabinets for bargain prices

The word apothecary comes from "apotheca" which means the "place where wine, spices and herbs were stored." In the thirteenth century, the word came to mean a person "who kept a stock of these commodities which he sold from his shop or street stall." By the 16th century, the apothecary became the forerunners of pharmacists. This article is a guide to buying apothecary cabinets for bargain prices.

Antique Stores

Apothecary chest The apothecary chest is one of the places where the apothecary stored his wares, chests which could be carried by hand or free-standing pieces of furniture If you wish to buy an antique apothecary chest, then an antique store would be a good place to start. There, you will find apothecary cabinets with drawers where medicines and tinctures were kept. The cabinets will be made from various kinds of wood. Some may have the marks of the original owner as well as old records or paper kept by the apothecary. Small cabinets may have built-in handles made of wood or leather. The larger cabinets may have a multitude of drawers of various sizes. Finding a cheap apothecary cabinet may take some work, but it can be done.

auctions and estate Auctions

Another place to look for apothecary furniture such as the larger cabinets of drawers to the smaller portable versions, would be at auctions and estate auctions. The furniture will be of various conditions as well as ages. The apothecary chests may be from different countries as well such as China, South Africa, America and Europe. Prices can vary for these cabinets. Finding a cheap cabinet may be challenging. Online auctions Online auctions like eBay may be a source but you need to ask for additional information to make sure that you are getting a cabinet that is in good condition or that is original.

Make your own

If you cannot afford the apothecary chests that are available at antique stores or auctions, then you can make your own. Plans for apothecary cabinets are available in books or online such as at sites like Woodworkers Workshop as well as taller versions that are more pieces of furniture than the portable box are also available. A final word Once you have the plans, you can control your costs by choosing the materials, hardware and finishes.

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