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How to buy coin envelopes

Coin collecting is not a new hobby. Archeologists have uncovered coins - no two alike - at digs, making them believe that the coins had been part of a collection. Augustus Caesar liked to collect coins to give to his friends and to others as gifts. The hobby of collecting continued through the ages and continues today. Buying supplies like coin envelopes can help you keep your coin collection in pristine condition. This article is a guide to buying coin envelopes.

Coin shops

Coin shops, while they are interesting places to explore, can also be a good place to find coins supplies. Along with plastic coin holders, you will be able to acquire coin envelopes. These envelopes can have glassine fronts and others that are white or buff-coloured. These envelopes come range in size from 2 inch by 2 inch to 3 1/2 inch by 6 1/2 inches.

Coin and stamp shows

Coin and stamp shops are another source of coin envelopes. These shows can be held in wide, indoor spaces with what seems like a sea of stalls and tables. There, you might be able to find a wider selection of coin envelopes of various sizes and styles. While at the shows, you may be able to discover stalls run by shops that cater to the serious collector and are thus able to offer a wide selection of storage tools for coins.

Online retailers

Online retailers are another source for coin envelopes. There, you can find not only a wide selection of coin envelopes but the possibility to buy these envelopes in bulk. By buying the coin envelopes in bulk, you will be able to save money. Online retailers may be a good source of supplies to the large coin collector or museum which seeks supply to store the coins in their collection. Retailers like Timelines will have these coin envelopes in stock. You will also be able to find acid-free coin envelopes as well. Another online retailer is actually an auction site: eBay. At eBay, you will be able to find coin envelopes of various sizes and prices and in various quantities. One example is a box of 1000 two inch by two inch paper acid-free envelopes with ungummed flaps. Some sellers may offer their envelopes with free shipping. Check each listing for further details.

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