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How to buy maps of India

Are you looking for a break from the UK and plan on travelling to India. Well, before you go, you will need a map of India. While many decent maps can be found online for free, the best and most detailed maps of India need to be purchased. This article explains where to buy maps of India.

Traditional maps

General overview UK tourists can find traditional maps on sale in a variety of places. One place where you can find a map outline of India is online. As well as Indian maps, you can also purchase Indian flags and tourist information books on India at online stores. If you plan to go to the Himalayan Mountain Ranges, it is also advisable to purchase a map of the Himalayas. The best maps of India will be very detailed, featuring geographical information, road and directional information as well as information on scenic spots and historic sights. Check sites like eBay, Amazon and others for maps. Check with travel companies as well. If you have never travelled in India, though, it is recommended to purchase a guide book with maps instead of just a map. A budget of ten to twenty pounds for a guidebook of India with maps is about standard. Collectible maps
If you want a large antique, collectible map of India to hang up in your home, then you should be prepared to spend a bit more. Here is a list of a few online stores that sell antique maps. Maps such as these currently range in price on Amazon from five pounds to several hundred pounds. - -

Other maps

GPS Buy a GPS in the UK before going to India. Having a GPS in India will especially help you if you will be renting a car in India. Purchase one there No matter where you go in India, there will be tourist centres and street vendors with maps for sale.

Free maps

Online sources If you are just looking for a map of the various states in India and some basic information on India, go online and download a free map of India. Yahoo maps or Google maps are good places to look as well as travel India websites. If you need a city map like Delhi or Mumbai, you can also find those online. Below is a list of a few websites where you can obtain free maps of India. Embassy world's website also contains information on India's political happenings, history and culture. For those from the UK, traveling to India and understanding India's culture is very important. - - -

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