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How to buy personalised baby gifts

Buying gifts for babies can be overwhelming with the array of presents out there. Personalised gifts can be a great choice. Engraved items can last until adulthood. In this article, you can read more about ideas on which gifts to buy.

Gift ideas

Silver or silver-plated gifts are something to treasure. If purchased from a jewellery shop, they will often be able to engrave them for you as well. Silver gifts include first-tooth boxes, first curl,
photo frames and money boxes which are great for a newborn baby.
Baby bracelets For a more decorative option, choose personalised baby bracelets. Silver is commonly used for bangles and small chains that can have an engraving on them. Gold is also used at the high end of the scale and beads on the lower end of the scale. Beads and charms are really fashionable right now and they come in all colours or as little butterflies, teddy bears and flowers. Make up a personalised bracelet with name beads and some charms. These can be added to over the years as birthday and Christmas presents.
China and pottery Porcelain or chinaware gifts can often be personalised by the name of the child being painted on them. Cups, plates and photo frames are popular gift ideas. If you are buying directly from a potter, you will be able to choose design and colours, as well as having your item personalised.

More personalised gift ideas

Wooden crafts have become more popular in recent years and you can purchase anything from furniture to toys for babies. Wooden gifts can be personalised for babies by having their names painted on them or carved or burnt into the wood. Wooden keepsake boxes are an ideal gift, as well as name plaques for doors, stools and doll houses.
Picture gifts Gifts can be personalised with pictures as well as lettering. Many photo shops do a range of products like cups, coasters, jigsaws and t-shirts. Use a photo of the baby on a fun gift that can be kept for posterity. Mother and baby images or family photos also look great if printed up in this way.
A gift for the future Gifts for the future can include glass. Glass like Waterford Crystal retains its value over the ages and can become a family heirloom. Vases, glasses and bowls can be enscribed with a message to celebrate the birth of babies for their first birthday. Although, they will need to be put away from the baby, they are great gifts for them to have in adulthood.

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