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How to care for Indian rugs

Indian rugs are quite famous across the world for the intricate workmanship of the weavers who display their mastery in developing special rug designs containing breath-taking patterns. The rugs are long-lasting and are quite easy and maintain. Hence, you will fully benefit from the value and beauty of your rugs if you take some simple steps to maintain them.

Enhancing the durability of Indian rugs

The simplest way to enhance the durability of a woven rug is to flip it periodically. This ensures even wearing and fading on both sides of the rug. Insects often damage rugs. Hence, you need to regularly treat your rugs for moths or carpet beetles.
Use a carpet cushion or pad for floor rugs Whether you place small rugs or large rugs on the floor, use a carpet pad or a carpet cushion to increase their durability. Plastic foam material ensures that the colour of the rug does not get transferred to the floor. Avoid using waffle, felt or rubber pads.

Cleaning the rug Do not dry-clean or steam-clean a woven rug. Remove the beater bar and use moderate pressure while you vacuum or get your Indian rugs cleaned by a cleaning specialist. Similarly, get professional assistance to immediately repair any frayed or damaged areas of a woven rug. You will not only save money on future repairs but prevent further damaging of the natural rug material.

Maintaining that ‘like-new’ appearance

Traditional rug making is a painstaking process that requires patience. Manufacturing woven
hand-knotted Indian rugs is not easy. This is why despite all the commercial rugs that exist in the market, a traditional rug is considered priceless.
Protecting from spills and stains Beverage spills, messes created by pets, paints, nail polish and lipstick stains will ruin the appearance of Indian rugs. As soon as you see a spill or a stain, clean it up immediately. Train your pets well and ensure that they do not chew or damage the rug material.
Protecting from moisture A traditional rug should never be exposed to moisture. Keeping a flower pot over a woven rug can cause mildew or rot. In case your rug gets wet accidentally, do a ‘wet vacuum’ immediately and dry it.

In conclusion

Traditional rug making in India caters to people with varying tastes and budgets. Small rugs and large rugs of varying patterns are available in the market. In addition to buying rugs, it is equally important to take care of them, in order to ensure that they last longer and do not lose their value.

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