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How to care for car engines

Taking car of your car's engine is necessary in order to enjoy maximum driving efficiency and to stretch the life of your car. Car engines function as the vehicle's processing center. Thus, it is important to make sure that your engine is well taken care of. The following article presents car tips that can help you to maintain your engine.

Do not allow your car to remain idle for a long period

A car's engine is very sensitive. Hence, it should not remain idle for long periods of time. Cars should be used regularly so that its parts and engine will stay in good condition and will not become rusty. You should drive your car at least twice a week and even during the winter season to avoid deterioration of the engine and other car parts.

Change your car's oil frequently

Changing your car's oil on a regular basis is another simple, yet one of the most overlooked ways to take good care of your car. Regular oil change is essential so that you can enjoy maximum driving efficiency.

Buy gas only at reputable gas stations

Buying gas only at reputable gas stations is also important. You must make sure that the gas that you are buying is of high-quality and not just "mix gas" that can damage your car's engine. It is recommended to buy gas at large oil companies and to avoid small, fly-by-night oil retailers. You should also stick to just one kind of gas so that your engine won't need to adapt again and again.

Warm up your engine before driving

Warming up your engine is another simple way to take care and get the most out of your car. Rapidly accelerating your car can potentially add several years of wear and tear and other internal damage to your engine. Most car experts suggest that it's better to slowly accelerate in order to avoid extra wear and tear.

Perform regular tune-up and maintenance

Performing regular tune-up and car maintenance is also a way to make your car run more smoothly. A monthly visit to a car repair shop or an auto service firm is ideal as they can easily detect damage to your car's engine, both existing and potential. You should also check the other parts of your car such as the park plugs, air filter, timing belt and other small items.

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