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How to celebrate your one-year anniversary

Your first anniversary is coming up and it is a reason to celebrate. However, what can you do? There are lots of different ways in which you can mark this special occasion. Read further for some ideas on what to do.

Some ideas for celebration

The first wedding anniversary gift is paper. Not the most exciting but something you can use as a gift idea. To have a great evening out on your 1st anniversary, buy tickets for a theatre play, music concert or film to watch at the cinema. Give them to your other half as part of their anniversary surprise, and mark the day with a paper gift.
A good night out A night out can be as simple as going for a romantic meal. For something more unusual, try a restaurant and type of food that you have not tried before. You can also go absolutely luxurious and eat at a castle hotel, and stay the night after. If you tell the restaurant staff that you are celebrating your anniversary, they can make sure that you have a quiet corner to yourselves, and they may add in extras like flowers on the table or champagne on arrival. More exciting ideas For a more exciting way of spending your first anniversary together, do something different. Go to a theme park for the day, and relive your childhood screaming on the rides. Try out horse riding, 4x4 driving or kite surfing for a day of learning new skills and having fun in the process.

Some more ideas

Treat yourselves to a spa for a more relaxing day, or join a meditation session to unwind in each other's company. If you really need a break, book yourselves into a retreat for some quiet time together, and just enjoy being a couple after your first year together.
Do it with friends You could also do something as a group with friends and family. Go
paint-balling or karting for a competitive laugh. Have 'his' and 'hers' teams for a battle of the sexes. If you want something slower-paced, have a round of golf or a family meal.
Moving into the future Joining a dance class, keep fit or martial arts class on your one-year anniversary will give you both something to do together in the future. By signing up to a course or class, it will ensure that you have some weekly time where you share each other's company, and look forward to many more years together.

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