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How to choose a Hoover carpet shampooer

Carpet shampooing can make your carpets look as good as new. It can get dirt, dust, grime, stains and pet hair out of your carpet to make your home a healthier place. While you can hire carpet shampooers, you may also wish to buy your own carpet shampooing machine to have at your house so that you can clean your carpets whenever you want. One company which offers carpet shampooers is Hoover, and if you plan to buy a Hoover carpet shampooer, you have a few features to consider.

Size and weight

One of the first things to think about when buying a Hoover carpet cleaner is how large the machine is and how much it weighs. Hoover has several models of carpet shampooer in varying sizes. The larger shampooers may allow you to do work more quickly but will be bulkier and harder for you to carry from room to room as you work. They will also be more difficult to store in your home than a smaller and sleeker shampooer. You need to carefully consider what size is comfortable for you to work with before making your purchase.

Drying time

One of the biggest complaints people have when they shampoo their carpets is that it can take a long time for the carpet to dry. Hoover has several different models of carpet shampooer which use less liquid than many standard shampoo machines do. If you specifically look for a quick drying machine which will not overload your carpets with liquid, you may be happier with the product and use it more often since you will not be trapped out of your carpeted rooms for hours while you wait for the cleaner and carpet to dry.

Spot clean

When most people get a stain on their carpet, they do not necessarily want to clean the entire carpet just to deal with this stain. As such, you may wish to consider looking for a Hoover carpet cleaner which allows you to spot clean just a small area. Hoover does have some products with this feature, although if this is your primary intended aim, then you may be better off with the Bissell carpet shampooer commonly called the Spot Bot.

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