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How to choose a long silver necklace

A long silver necklace can be an elegant accessory to any outfit and can be found to fit almost any budget. When choosing a silver chain, quality, length, and style are important to create the perfect look.

Choosing a quality silver chain

The best silver chains are made of sterling silver. This means that the necklace has the greatest amount of silver content possible. Silver must be reinforced with a stronger metal or it will be too weak to hold up to wear. Genuine sterling silver necklaces carry the mark '925' or 'SS' to prove their authenticity. When purchasing a long silver chain, the weight and thickness as well as the silver content affects the price. A thinner and shorter chain with more silver content may cost much more than a thick and heavy chain that contains less silver. A good, sturdy clasp is also important.

Choosing the right chain length

Silver necklaces come in a variety of chain lengths. When picking out a silver necklace, it is important to consider neck size. A large neck requires a longer chain. Also, certain necklines go better with different chain lengths. Long chains draw attention to the bust, while shorter necklaces for women draw attention to the face. Long necklaces go well with a V-neck or scoop neck, while a lower-cut top may require a short chain or choker. There are a variety of chain sizes to choose from. Shorter chains include the
16-inch choker and the 18-inch chain that sits a the collarbone. Medium-sized chains include the 20 to 22-inch chain which sits just at or just above the neckline. Longer chains include the 24-inch chain, which sits below the neckline, the 28-inch chain, and the 30-inch, which hangs far below the neckline.

Styles of long silver chains

Long silver chains come in a variety of styles to wear with or without a pendant. From silver bead necklaces to necklaces of hammered silver, the choices in ladies necklaces are abundant. Popular chain styles include box chains, which are squares linked together, cable chains which consist of linked ovals, and rope chains. Box chains are very durable and a good choice for large pendants while rope chains are more delicate and can accommodate small pendants. Some very attractive chain designs to wear without a pendant are serpentine chains, herringbone chains, and Byzantine chains.

Where to buy a long silver necklace

Quality silver necklaces can be purchased at jewelry store and from the jewelry counter of department stores. For those looking for a cheaper chain, mall booths often sell silver chains, but they may not be of as good a quality. Online stores may also offer good discount prices on silver chains. Some places online where you can purchase silver chains are: -

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