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How to choose wedding earrings

Earrings can make or break an outfit, and on a bride's wedding day, they are essential to her ensemble. Brides should take into account the style of their hair, the weight of the earring that they have chosen, and also what style of wedding they are going for: classic or themed. Earrings should correspond with the bride’s gown and serve as a lovely accent piece to her dress.

Bride's hair

The style of the bride’s hair and the look of her face can determine which kind of earrings she should wear. With an up-do, a bride may prefer to have longer earrings as a bold statement. However, if her hair is worn down, she may want the hair to be the focus of her facial area, and opt for smaller, studded earrings.

Earring weight

While unbeknownst to some men, gold or diamond earrings can be very heavy, especially costume earrings. Brides will do well to narrow down their selection of earrings before the big day, and spend the week by wearing the different pairs. A wedding and reception can call for a long night, possibly more than ten hours of walking, eating, dancing and socialising. Brides should test the weight of the earrings and rings beforehand to see if they will be comfortable wearing them for the duration of the night.

Going classic

Classics are timeless, and that includes jewellery. Choosing classic wedding earrings with stones such as diamond, pearl, ruby or emerald earrings will never age you or your wedding date in photographs. Stick to gold, silver, or white gold’s and stay away from hoop earrings, which can date the wedding style and be unflattering to some face shapes. Diamond earrings can be bought at a diamond store, or for a more affordable rate at stores that sell jewellery online. Vintage weddings can also follow the line of classic wedding earrings by choosing coloured pearls or metallic, vintage earrings.

Themed wedding

Earrings for themed weddings have more leeway than those of classic styles, since the jewellery can be just about anything. Dangle, hoop and stud earrings can be any colour, shape and size. A bride whose wedding follows a heart theme can, for example, choose heart shaped jewellery to match her theme. Female wedding parties can also be made to stand out by throwing a pop of colour into their choice of earrings, preferably if it matches the décor of the reception, or the colour of dress chosen for the bridesmaids. It can be very flattering for a bride wearing all white, with red lipstick, to throw in studded rubies, or fun red hoops as her earrings.

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