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How to choose women's work shoes

A good pair of shoes can help you to feel confident, powerful and professional. Every woman should have some great work shoes in her wardrobe to help her look and feel ready for anything. This article takes a look at how to choose the right work shoes to make shoe shopping easier.

Heels and sandals

Heels and court shoes
Office is one of the leading stores for fashionable court shoes and heeled boots in the UK, with products available to buy online or in the shops.
Office, based in London, is the UK's go-to store for stylish shoes for women of all ages and has some of the best work shoes around. Favourites on the site include the elegant Harness court shoes with a tapered mid-heel, available in classic black as well as in hot pink and bright orange. You can buy these fabulous shoes on line or in store for just £50.00.
Take a look at the Office online shoe store at for these and other shoes and boots at discount prices. Sandals If you're looking for some laid back, summery pieces for the office, try Skechers. Their work shoes are fun and can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Hot picks include the Skechers cyclers sandals, on sale at just £29.00 from These beauties will help to keep your feet cool through the summer months, whilst still being smart enough for the office.
The low heel will add height, making you feel more dominant in the workplace, but will not cause the achy foot syndrome associated with higher heels.


Flats Don't worry if you hate wearing high heeled shoes all day.
Flats can look elegant and stylish, provided you follow a few golden rules.
Pointy toes add the same air of elegance offered by heels, with none of the pain. Ballet flats look pretty and feminine for everyday wear, and embellished pumps can really make you look smart and chic. Online shoes and clothes retailer Yoox ( has some excellent, quirky ballet pumps to help you look the business at work.
It is definitely worth checking out the RAS faux leather ballet flats with geometric beading, currently reduced from £75.00 to just £59.00.
Available in white, these would look fabulous with black trousers for a unique take on the classic monochrome look. *Prices correct as of 26.06.11

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