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How to clean a plasma screen?

We all know that a plasma screen has to be cleaned on a timely basis in order to get the maximum performance for longer period of time. However, many of us do not know the correct methods of cleaning the screen. In this article, you will learn proper methods to clean a plasma screen.

Clearer picture

Plasma screens offer a much clearer picture than any normal LCD, but it is very important to take care of it properly to ensure a better performance.
Moreover, adjusting the brightness and contrast level properly to save energy is very important for performance of the plasma screen. How to clean LCD screens: How to begin
You have to read the instruction manual thoroughly before starting the cleaning procedure, because the manual consist of important information about cleaning as well as the frequency that required for the plasma screen. It is very important to turn off the plasma before you start the cleaning process, especially if you are using a spray.
Plasma screens produce more heat than LCD screens and because of this, the spray evaporates faster causing the cleaning process to be ineffective. So, it is better to turn of the screen minutes before you start cleaning. Tip
Always use a soft cloth to clean and wipe the area around the buttons and the screen itself to avoid scratches and marks.


Final word
Before starting to clean any type of solution, it is better to remove the accumulated dust from the plasma screen, in order to give it a much cleaner look. Dust can be removed using a soft cloth or even using a small blower.
You can even use the vacuum cleaner with the suction power set on minimum to clean the plasma screen without causing any damage. While wiping the screen with a soft cloth, it is better to wipe from side to side instead of bottom to top. Use a cleaner that is specially recommended for plasma screens.

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