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How to create a web page (for beginners)

As a beginner, your first concern may be cost. Starting a website can cost a lot if you have a design to set-up, to pay for page hosting, to establish a domain name and to hire a writer to write informative articles for your new website. However, there are a few easier ways to consider. You can set up a free website or even get a free Google blog. Read on.

How to create a web page for beginners

If you choose to go the traditional route and build your own site, you can start with a simple website with few thrills to keep your price down. There are many web builders on the net which offer a professional website for a small price. Here is how to get started: 1. Choose a domain name that fits your business.
2. Choose a place to set up your web page and sign in to start your account.
3. Start deciding how to present your web page with a professional layout.
4. Add your written information about your business or ideal.
5. Monetise the site with Adsense or affiliate links, such as Amazon.
6. If you are selling a product, download the product and set up a way for your customers to pay, such as PayPal, Visa or MasterCard.
7. Do a test run to make sure the site is running properly and test all your payment means to make sure they are in good working order.
8. Promote your website, by opening a free Twitter page to promote your work.

Free websites

Making your own website was never easier than with It is a free website that will help you to get started as a beginner. The only thing that is charged is on your Adsense account. Weebly gets half of your income on Adsense, which is a small price to pay for a free website and hosting. You are allowed to have two websites there. The site is very professional-looking and a beginner can set up an account in less than ten minutes. They have a drag-and-place system which helps the beginner experiment on their website easily. You also have access to a free blog.

A free Google blog

One of the easiest ways for a beginner to build a web presence is on The website Google allows you to create a professional looking blog, add Adsense to your blog to make money from clicks, and then add your entire presentation for free. You do not have to set up the website yourself; you can simply choose from one of their many professional looking sites, add widgets, pictures and then you are set to go. This is an easy site for beginners.

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