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How to create toddler lesson plans

Toddlers learn through doing things and therefore, there is the need create lessons that involve activities and hands-on experiences. Similarly, there is the need to connect the concepts that are being taught to concrete objects that they know. Here are some ideas to create toddler lesson plans.

Toddler lessons

It is important to get toddlers involved in activities because merely trying to explain a concept to them verbally is usually difficult. If kids' lessons are not concrete enough, several of them will be inattentive because their listening or cognitive skills are not as developed as older children. For toddlers, an idea or concept could be introduced in circle time with drawings on the board, or at their learning centres in the classroom. What is important is to promote interactive and experiential learning for toddlers. Concepts should be related to concrete objects they know and that they understand in the world around them.

Ideas for lesson plans

These are some ideas for toddler lesson plans. Be sure to include the overall goals and specific objectives when formulating lesson plans. Also, organise lessons to reflect all the areas of the curriculum such as speech and vocabulary, creative expressions and physical development. A simple spreadsheet could be used to do this. There needs to be planning for each day and a decision on the areas to be covered daily reflecting each area of the curriculum. Take time to rotate indoor and outdoor activities each day. Similarly, a thematic approach may be used. For example, lesson plans could include animals, holidays, nursery rhymes, and school themes.

Activities for lesson plan

Plan and set up learning centres in the classroom. Centres such as science, math, reading, art activities are exciting points of interest for toddlers. It is important to organise lesson plans to involve toddlers in a variety of activities at the centres. Toddlers find circle times interesting activities and look forward to them. At this time, books could be read on areas that they are learning about, and they could also be involved in games reflecting the concepts. Final note If these ideas are used to organise toddler lesson plans, they could prove helpful for parents and for others who teach toddlers. This sets the foundation for more expanded lesson plans created to meet the special needs of specific groups of toddlers. Source Essortment (2011). “Toddler Lesson Plans.” Downloaded from (Accessed August 2011).

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