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How to create your own wedding dress

The wedding gown is unique in that, like the baptismal gown, it is used once. For the wealthy, the wedding gown was an opportunity to display wealth and by using "as much material as they possibly could, of the most costly, like velvet, damask silk, satin, fur and fabrics woven with gold and silver thread." For the less wealthy, the wedding gown could be plainer. Creating your own wedding gown can be a way for you to shine on your special day.

Body type

Your body type should be considered when creating a wedding gown. Try to pick styles that would go well with your figure and that would compliment it. For example, if you have fairly large breasts, then a gown with a scalloped neckline would work well. If you are pear-shaped, then a gown with a gently flaring or A-line skirt would work well. Pick out a pattern to make your own wedding gown, making sure that it is one that will compliment your figure.

The fabric

The fabric is a consideration as well. The fabric should match the style of gown. For example, if the gown is an empire gown, then fabric that is muslin or soft silk would work well. If the gown is more formal and has full skirts, then something stiffer like brocade would work well. However, as one person reported, "When you find a fabric that speaks to you, that's your fabric. Just no point in looking after that."


The next step in sewing wedding dresses is to make a mock-up. In a sense, this is an exact copy of the dress that you will be making, except that it is in plain muslin, a fabric that is less expensive than that from which your gown is going to be made. Follow the patten with the fabric for the mock-up, which is often muslin, and try the dress on. You may need someone to help you when you create your own dress to help you to pin or to change the dress as you are wearing it. Once the mock-up is fitted properly, then you can proceed with the decorative cloth for the gown, using all the alterations that you have made with the mock-up.

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