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How to curl hair with straighteners?

The curl look is very hip at the moment. However, your straighteners can still come in handy when creating this look. This article explains how to use your straighteners in order to create a curly look.


- Before you curl your hair, you should make sure it is washed and dried. Don't use too much conditioner as this weighs your hair down.
- Once your hair is dry, use clips to separate strands of hair.
- If you like big curls, make sure the strands are thick.
- If you are more a fan of the perm like curls, separate thin strands.
- Spray some curling spray on your hair. This will make your curls last longer.

Using the straighteners

Designs You might not have thought about using straighteners for a curly look, but they work just fine. Because this use is becoming so popular, the next generation of hair straighteners will have a dual function as companies will add a rounded barrel to the design. But even with the old designs, using them for curls, is pretty easy. It saves you some space in your suitcase when going on holiday.
Tips for using the straighteners
- When you use the hair straighteners, it is important you hold the tongs at the right angle. The best way to create a curl is by holding straightening irons vertically.
- Wrap the strands gently around the straighteners and move down while creating curls. Just make sure you don't pull too hard, as you would if you were straightening your hair. This would result in curls with flat bits in between the wave, which is definitely not a look you should be aiming for.

Finishing touches

Once you have created the amount of curls you were looking for, you can use some products for your hair that fixate the curl, like a hair spray and a shine.
Tip: - A very modern style is to have straight hair, with just a few curls. You can use the straightening irons to give your hair a sleek effect, then add a few loose curls for a playful effect. - Don't forget to use a hair mask once a week if you straighten or curl your hair often. It does damage the hair, but you can reduce this by looking after your hair a little more and also by only using the irons a few times a week.

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