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How to design construction logos

Creating a logo for your construction company is very similar to how you might build a wall. Plan the materials, decide on the purpose, then build away. This article will guide you through some of the decisions that you'll need to make to create an effective construction logo.

Construction company names

When deciding on a construction company logo design, you'll need to look closely at the name of your business. Construction company names can be family names, initials, and in some cases a whole strap line. To ensure that your logo is recognisable, you will need to communicate the name of your business clearly. So, concentrate on making rather than the design. Exercise
List the images that you would associate with your construction company. - What tools do you use? - What kind of constructions do you build? - Are you local or worldwide? If it is assumed that you were a large business that constructs offices using cranes, the linkage of a large chain may be an effective image to use when representing yourself in the form of a logo.

Creating your logo

Once you have some starting points for the iconography that you wish to use in your logo, you can decide whether you want to work with a designer, or take a shot at designing the logo yourself. Working with a designer will be a great collaborative experience for you which may lead onto a successful partnership in the future. A designer should create multiple versions of their designs for you to look at and provide feedback on. The benefits of this is that the designer will generate ideas that you may not have previously thought of and that are modern in style. A designer will research the market and ensure that your logo looks good against the competition. The alternative is to have a go yourself. If you are familiar with using graphic design packages, then this will be a cost-effective way of producing your logo. You know your construction business well, understand your competition and your market, so use your expert knowledge. The logo should be clean, easy to read, and clearly represent your industry of construction. Ensure that your logo is scalable so that it can be printed on letterheads and billboards easily. Moreover, if you are creating a website that is only half complete, you'll need an under construction logo for your page. So, that's another construction logo to add to your list.

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